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ML and AI are making up ground in Germany

Two thirds of companies in Germany use AI and machine learning solutions - proof that companies see the potential benefits of these technologies. The "human factor" is one of the greatest challenges.

In the course of digitization, the topic of AI / ML is picking up speed in German companies.

The discussion about the state of digitization in Germany has become more intense during the corona pandemic. No wonder if, for example, in healthcare today nothing works without a fax. Or when officials were sent to work from home but could not do their work there. Simply because business processes in many public institutions are still based on paper documents that employees can only process on site in the authority.

It is therefore gratifying that German companies are increasingly relying on two future technologies that also play a central role in digitization : machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). After all, almost two thirds of companies are already using machine learning or are in the process of introducing appropriate solutions. This is confirmed by the study "Machine Learning 2021" by IDG Research Services. The number of "AI and ML refusers" has decreased from eleven to eight percent compared to the previous year.

 Almost two thirds of companies in Germany are already using machine learning solutions or are in the process of introducing this technology.

Another result of the study underscores the fact that managing directors, CIOs and department heads have recognized the importance of both approaches: Around 86 percent of the companies surveyed have their own budget for AI and ML projects . This applies equally to large companies with more than 10,000 employees, the upper middle class and smaller companies. The corona pandemic did not affect investments in artificial intelligence and machine learning either. On the contrary: around a fifth of the companies have increased their spending in these areas significantly. The number of projects also increased by 18 percent.

Higher productivity and lower costs

That managing directors and divisional managers spend money for AIand loosening up machine learning is likely to be due to the high success rate of such projects. Because over 60 percent of the companies achieved measurable added value after three months at the latest. But if you look at the metrics against which these successes are assessed, a more nuanced picture emerges. Because the three most important criteria are increases in productivity and effectiveness as well as cost reductions.

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