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The 30 worst IT jokes

IT used to be funny, today humor is obsolete. But the ole camels show who set the pace in IT decades ago: bad software, stupid users and experts who were actually proud of their work.

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 In the past you laughed at all crap. How is that in 2021?

Back then - somewhere between punch cards and e-commerce - IT was still a constant source of joy. Software never went right, Bill Gates was the enemy, and outside the industry nobody understood what IT is actually good for. Today the situation has changed radically down to the last point: Microsoft no longer has a monopoly on jokes, technology is not always electronic junk, corporations are no longer "evil". The IT joke as we used to know it no longer works. He is in what is perhaps his worst crisis.

However, you also have to admit: In the past, you laughed at all crap. As long as the abbreviation DAU was mentioned. And prejudices were repeated. And Bill Windows got his fat off. Vista was another high point of ridicule, one last sneering flicker. But the content of the old joke models was already adapted to the new product names, which did not advance the IT humor.

Looking back, two categories of industry jokes have emerged in the past few years: jokes that are no longer understandable and jokes that are not funny (mathematicians jokes are an intersection of these). In addition, most of the jokes exist in various forms, which doesn't really make them any funnier. The web is also full of jokes in which the spelling mistakes were copied ("Scott McNeely"). That's sad, but in five years it probably won't even be noticed.

Therefore, this collection of 30 shady IT jokes can also be understood as a memorial - for a time when IT was still called DV and promised more than just ensuring the efficiency of business processes in close coordination with the departments. It should therefore be read with one laughing and one crying eye.


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