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The machinery and equipment manufacturer (OEM) market are highly competitive, with the expectation of continuous price/performance improvement over every generation. Customers recognize the need for connected, flexible, scalable, and intelligent machines to support the ongoing Industry 4.0 revolution, which combines physical operations with digital technology and big data to create a more holistic ecosystem. There is a constant tension between making these technological improvements while keeping costs down at the design, development, and product management levels. computerlg

Digital transformation enables machine and equipment manufacturers to improve the design and support the development of new performance and equipment maintenance services. When deployed, Edge Computing can facilitate a smooth transition from modern hardware to digitally supported computers that end customers need to be able to integrate into their connected operations. This includes many features such as local or cloud connectivity to fully integrated smart machines that embrace digital transformation without the need for complex upgrades and redesigns in their upcoming. appleinfocom

What is Edge Computation?

Edge Computing is a walkable, modular technology that supports the development of standardized and interoperable software components and applications to improve efficiency. This can help unify existing OEM applications such as monitoring and control software on a single platform while allowing other mission-critical applications such as Historian, MES, and OEE / Performance Monitoring to run on the same platform. It simplifies the development of machines and equipment with the intelligent industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and makes it easier to add future applications that support the evolution of Industry 4.0 customers and the demands of intelligent manufacturing. mucommucation

It's time for the latest computing with smart machine

The OEM market is entering a retro that will bring as many changes as the introduction of the PLC. Edge Computing is a dangerous technology that will enable this transition without creating insurmountable engineering challenges. Edge Computing platforms will play an important role in extending traditional hardware control and automation capabilities. They will also act as a bridge for OEMs to self-drive digital transformation initiatives and integrate with their customers' initiatives.

Edge computing platforms need to be simple, secure, and self-contained.

There are three fundamental principles that guide effective edge computing platforms. When choosing the right platform, consider the following considerations:  smoothtechi


An edge computing platform should be easy to install and deploy in minutes, with an intuitive, easy-to-use management interface. In the case of redundant systems, if the unit needs to be replaced, it takes just one button press to restore the system to its full functionality.


The platform should include built-in safety features and ensure smooth failover to redundant systems in the event of a failure or if the platform detects a future problem ahead of time. It must be industrial grade to withstand the extreme temperatures, vibration, and humidity prevalent in hazardous and remote locations where it is installed.  smarttechnofy


The edge computing platform must be managed remotely, either through a cloud service, or it can be incorporated into a hardware designer or client management solution using a set of standard application programming interfaces (APIs).

Just as machine automation using PLCs and PACs revolutionized equipment design over 40 years ago, smart factories and smart manufacturing are redefining the industrial world. Applying digital transformation concepts allows companies to operate at peak performance by leveraging the data gathered by control systems and sensors, enabling OEMs to improve the design and support the development of new performance and maintenance services.